We are Rebecca and Hanna from Sweden, two training instructors who are working for Tui Nordic (Fritidsresor, Star Tour and Finnmatkat) with daily Les Mills classes for our guests! We are working and living in Egypt at one of our Blue Village hotels Aquamarine. Here we will write a little bit about our exciting life abroad as we meet amazing peole who come and work out with us in the sun everyday, when we go and dive in the amazing Red Sea and our daily life in Egypt. Follow our amazing journey!

Winter wonderland!

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A part of my big family!

I feel like i have been on an other planet for so long now! :O
This two weeks vaccation has gone fast but it also feels like i have been totally disconected from my life and the "real world", wich right now is my life in Egypt offcores ;)
I have been on the moove alot during this vaccation but the last days i will spend in my beautiful but cold Gothenburg!
My father lives outside of Gothenburg in the forest and this morning we went out to get som wood to heat up the house. Not the most fun activity maybee but it is so nice when you have been out for hours in a snow storm and then go inside to eat soup and drink coffee.. Mmmm!

This winter wonderland is pretty beautiful actually but now i miss the sun! i feel super ready to go back on monday to have classes and offcores see my superstar rebecca again :D!! ih!  i hope she is still allive after 16 days alone!! But she is a real fighter so im not worried :) !

I will go on a goodbye party in a few hours for a friend who is mooving to Australia, so i have to start putting on all the 1000 layers of clothes that are neccesary here ;) it might take some time...
Hope you have an awsome evening, in cold sweden or in a little bit warmer Egypt!
/ Hanna
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