We are Rebecca and Hanna from Sweden, two training instructors who are working for Tui Nordic (Fritidsresor, Star Tour and Finnmatkat) with daily Les Mills classes for our guests! We are working and living in Egypt at one of our Blue Village hotels Aquamarine. Here we will write a little bit about our exciting life abroad as we meet amazing peole who come and work out with us in the sun everyday, when we go and dive in the amazing Red Sea and our daily life in Egypt. Follow our amazing journey!


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So yesterday the alarm went off 03.30, time to go to Luxor!
After a few hours on a bus through Egypt we arrived to Karnak temples in Luxor. All the buildnings and statues are really huge and filled with scriptions and signs. It is so cool!
Interesting to see so much from the egyptian history!

A statue of a farao, and the small teeny tiny infront is his woman. The women were really small back then... ;)....

After lunch we crossed over the Nile!
It has such a mysterious reputation but it didnt feel like a special river.
Very green and dirty and i have heard there are crocodiles in it, i dont know if its true though?

Sweet Amanda!

Then we went to the valley of the Kings, where all the tombs are, the most famous one Tutankhamons tomb where hes reamains are even there to see in a glass box.
Offcores it was not allowed to take any pictures, but it was cool to see!

This is Hatshetsuts temple, the only female farao!
And her temple had an amazing view!

Here we are, the study group from TuiNordic!
Long day in Luxor, we came back home around ten in the evening.. But it was so fun to see all the temples and statues, and it was actually really nice on the way home to just drive through the streets to see moore how people live where there are no tourists, no hotels, no restaurants.
The countryside really reminded me of south americas. The houses looked the same and people were sharing the streets with donkeys and cows.

Luxor is really worth a visit if you come to Egypt!

Last smoothie of the year!

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I had forgot my berries in the freezer, big blue berries and strawberries! So i was really happy that i actually have a blender  - wich i almost havent used at all..
Blueberries, strawberries, soy milk, banana, ginseng honey and pumkin seeds.. nom nom nom!

Today it is new years eve. 2014 went so fast but it really was an awsome year! So many good memories, good people and good lessons learned.
We will celebrate new year together here in Egypt and it will be magical!
So what about new years resolution?  I never really make one, but i promise myself to make the best of the year to come! See the opportunities i get, learn new things and enjoy everything that is being given to me.

Now i cant wait for the evening and the celebration to start! :D
And to see what new adventures the new year has for us..


Flexible manager!

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We dont have enough chairs Nichlas?
Well it looks comfortable!

It is also so nice, now we will open up trips to Luxor :D wihoooo! Finally!
And on Tuesday i will go there to study it, it will be so amazing!
Egyptian culture and history is really interesting and it will be really fun to see what Luxor is about.