We are Rebecca and Hanna from Sweden, two training instructors who are working for Tui Nordic (Fritidsresor, Star Tour and Finnmatkat) with daily Les Mills classes for our guests! We are working and living in Egypt at one of our Blue Village hotels Aquamarine. Here we will write a little bit about our exciting life abroad as we meet amazing peole who come and work out with us in the sun everyday, when we go and dive in the amazing Red Sea and our daily life in Egypt. Follow our amazing journey!

About the body

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The differences in our bodies are so interesting to me!
We see people who comes to our classes everyday - how different they look and moove and how my much they fight!
We have our choreography set with different moovements and excercises for different parts of the body.
And offcores we try to give easier options and talk about techniques and how it should feel in the body.

But really, what do we know?

We are all so different. Buildt differently, we come from different background and we have different goals.
So when peole come to our classes, they try to do what we do to get stronger, slimmer, healthier, faster or whatever their goals are.
I found a really interesting article about squatting - the amazing excercise that does so much for our body, if its done the right way.
And what is the right way to do it?
This article summons it really well:

And this i think is the same with all workout we do. We are different, so should we do it the exact same way?
Probably not. The best advice i ever got about workout is to try to learn how to listen to your own body.
How it feels, what it needs and to except and love it for whatever that may be.


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