We are Rebecca and Hanna from Sweden, two training instructors who are working for Tui Nordic (Fritidsresor, Star Tour and Finnmatkat) with daily Les Mills classes for our guests! We are working and living in Egypt at one of our Blue Village hotels Aquamarine. Here we will write a little bit about our exciting life abroad as we meet amazing peole who come and work out with us in the sun everyday, when we go and dive in the amazing Red Sea and our daily life in Egypt. Follow our amazing journey!

Happy New Year!

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So 2014 is behind us, 2015 is ahead! So exciting!
Yesterday was super, first we had some Champagne and played some games together and then we went to the New Marina and had a nice dinner!
At 12 we were all dancing, hugging and cheering for the new year! Everybody was so happy and full of energy - A really good new year with really good people.

Happy new year! Lets have an awsome year!
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